TPH Spectra

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/08/2014
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Of all the great features of DENTSPLY Caulk?s TPH Spectra universal composite, 2 had me hooked from the beginning: its great handling characteristics and its simplified universal shading/chameleon effect. About a year ago, after happily using another brand of universal composite for some time, I participated in a focus group of key opinion leaders at DENTSPLY?s Summer Fellowship in Washington, DC. A new universal composite was introduced premarket and I was asked to evaluate its handling characteristics.

I began using the new universal composite regularly in my office and liked it. My local sales rep then subjected me to a blind challenge as part of DENTSPLY Caulk?s Truth or Dare ad campaign to see if I could choose my composite of choice (between the new material and the one I had been using.) I chose TPH Spectra LV (believing it to be my material) and then I was hooked.

Handling Options

TPH Spectra is offered in 2 distinct viscosities: HV (high-viscosity) and LV (low-viscosity). Some dentists prefer a fi rm-handling composite they can pack and sculpt, and TPH Spectra HV works for them. I prefer LV because I like a creamier consistency that is nonsticky, spreadable, and fl ows into preparations. TPH Spectra LV fi ts this perfectly. I believe that it is not the composite itself, but the dentist?s ability to handle and manipulate that composite that makes it ?the best composite in the world?. Having a choice of handling allowed me to fi nd my comfort zone.

Shading for Any Situation

TPH Spectra?s unique 7-shade universal system allows me to shade match based on the value of teeth, rather than color. Because value is the most important shade characteristic in dentistry, structuring a shade system this way enables accurate shading and chameleon effect even in diffi cult shade matching situations that would otherwise require multiple shades to achieve the same result. TPH Spectra allows me to shade match in any clinical situation using 1 composite shade with no layering technique required.

Feature Rich

In addition to these notable properties, TPH Spectra offers numerous benefi ts. DENTSPLY Caulk developed a proprietary blend of resin and fi llers for great esthetics?low opacity, high translucency, surface luster, and lifelike light refraction. In addition, it?s highly color-stable and stain-resistant, easy to polish to optimal shine (especially in the posterior), and radiopaque.

Truly Universal

I have found TPH Spectra indispensable and irreplaceable in cases such as porcelain repairs, restoration anterior decay where color matching is very diffi cult, and mesial-occlusal amalgam replacement where stained dentin is hard to mask. TPH Spectra offers true universality: I use it just about anywhere: anterior, posterior, pediatrics, and much more.