TPH3: Beauty and Durability That Has Stood the Test of Time

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/20/2011
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Dental professionals are inundated new products on a regular basis? everything from new materials to new high-tech equipment. This is true with composites as well. With all of the new composites that enter the market each year, it?s no wonder that an excellent composite might be overlooked or quite frankly actually lost in the shuffle.

My recommendation is to look for a predictable composite with a track record of success. TPH3 from DENTSPLY Caulk is just such a composite, with a 5-year plus history. TPH3 is a bis-GMA system that incorporates nano-filled technology (.7 micron particle size), which means superior handling and polishability for the clinician.

Chameleon Effect Creates Balance

In my practice, I have found that the greatest attribute of TPH3 is its chameleon ability. That is because of the refractive index of the combined filler and resin matrix enhances the ability to easily blend TPH3 with any tooth structure. The balance of translucency and shade saturation is one of the key successes of this composite.

Self-Etch or Total-Etch?You Decide

TPH3 is easy to work with. It works well with just about any total-etch adhesive systems, such as Prime and Bond NT or XP Bond. In addition, it can be used with self-etching systems like Xeno IV. After the adhesive process I usually place a small amount of a flowable like SureFil SDR Flow. It can be placed as a liner, and it also ensures that any undercuts in the preparation are filled.

Easy Shade Matching

After light curing the flowable, I then make my TPH3 shade selection to match the tooth shade. TPH3 has 26 shades, so matching a tooth shade could not be easier. In fact, it is amazing how this composite can make a restoration blend so well with the tooth structure.

Once the composite is placed and light cured, I remove any excess composite with a fluted carbide bur like the 7404. Finishing is quick and easy. The Enhance or Pogo polishing cups and points will bring TPH3 to the luster of the tooth. Be sure to use a small amount of water or polishing paste when finishing any composite. If not, you could create enough heat to distort the physical properties of the restoration.

A Perfect Choice

If you?re looking for a composite that will provide your patients with beautiful and durable restorations, TPH3 is the perfect choice. Its history of long-term clinical success provides you and your patients with a composite that will withstand the test of time.