Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/01/2012
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The Traxodent Hemodent-based paste system provides effective hemostasis and retraction.

Capturing the ideal impression remains the ?holy grail? of chairside dentistry. Among the variables that affect the quality of impressions, proper soft-tissue management is key. Enter Premier Dental?s Traxodent. Launched in the summer of 2009, Traxodent is a paste retraction system that quickly and easily achieves hemostasis and retraction of the sulcus.

An Easy Process

Traxodent is formulated with Premier Dental?s proven hemostatic agent Hemodent?15% aluminum chloride?that is infused in a clay matrix. It is applied directly into the sulcus through an ergonomic disposable syringe with a bendable tip. The soft paste produces gentle pressure on the sulcus while absorbing excess crevicular fluid and blood. The aluminum chloride creates an astringent effect without irritating or discoloring surrounding tissue. After 2 minutes, it is rinsed, leaving an open, retracted sulcus.

Clinical Benefits

Because there is no need for hemostatic solutions, Traxodent saves chair time. With minimal pressure on sensitive tissue, Traxodent stops bleeding and crevicular seepage comfortably while retraction occurs. In addition, its hemostatic and absorption characteristics allows Traxodent to be used in bloody sites.

Traxodent?s convenient delivery system eliminates the need for guns or cartridges. The ergonomic disposable syringe and the bendable-to-any-angle syringe tip provide excellent reach to all areas of the mouth.

High-Tech Compatible

As with traditional final impressions, soft-tissue management and proper margin placement before digital scans remain critical factors to a successful restoration. Premier describes Traxodent as ideal for controlling fluids and displacing the gingiva before a scan, which allows dentists to get a crisp image without the soft tissue obscuring the view of the margin.

Unique Technique

According to the manufacturer, using Premier Retraction Caps with Traxodent further enhances and simplifies retraction. Placed over prepared teeth after Traxodent is applied, the anatomical cotton caps guide the paste into the sulcus to enhance tissue deflection and provide compression to aid and speed hemostasis (shown on the right); the cotton absorbs fluids. The cap brings Traxodent into close contact with the hemorrhaging tissue, which allows the astringent properties to work quickly.

For additional retraction of subgingival preps, a single strand of retraction cord can be placed before Traxodent is applied. Traxodent can replace the second cord in the double cord technique.

A Strong Recommendation

Premier recently conducted a survey of dentists who used Traxodent at least once in their practices. Of the 333 dentists, 98% said they will recommend it to a colleague and 97% said it provided sufficient isolation and adequate hemostasis.

Practice Benefits

Traxodent reduces chair time and the need for retakes, and is supplied in ready-to-use kits, including syringes and disposable tips. Each preloaded syringe is packaged in a resealable foil pouch for maximum freshness.