Treating, Planning Dental Implant Complications from an Esthetic Point of View

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/03/2013
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In May, 400+ clinicians attended Straumann's day-long Dental Implant Complications symposium. Topics discussed including identifying and addressing implant complications, understanding the reasons they occur, determining treatment and solutions, and understanding how to avoid them through prevention methodologies such as proper planning, patient selection and timely treatment. Here are some highlights from one of the six presentations. 


?When does successful implant therapy begin?? Dr. Jung began his part of the program by posing this question to the audience. After several audience members offered specific answers such as ?with cone beam scans,? Dr. Jung provided his deceivingly simplistic answer: ?At the beginning.?

His point was that due diligence at the very first implant consultation, including appropriate risk assessment, is the key to successful implant therapy. This includes informed decision making, timing, an intimate knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of materials, and the knowledge and skill level of all members of the implant team.

Dr. Jung also posited that treatment planning begins before extraction. With the array of available methods for maintaining tissue, the appropriate one must be chosen before extraction. He noted that there is growing evidence that, in general, the use of slowly resorbable grafting material combined with autogenous soft-tissue is one of the most reliable options.

But there are myriad factors to consider. ?You can convert a complex case to a simple case with proper preoperative soft-tissue management,? said Dr. Jung.