Tried and True: SureFil SDR flow

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 08/12/2013
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For more than 4 years, SureFil SDR flow has been the only bulk-fill flowable composite to offer the lowest polymerization stress and self-leveling handling.

Time is money. That?s why, in 2009, DENTSPLY Caulk introduced SureFil SDR flow, a bulk-fill flowable base material that promised to save clinicians up to 40% in placement time. The material allows the dentist to bulk-fill to a depth of 4 mm?with excellent cavity adaptation and exclusive self-leveling convenience?reducing the time required when compared to a traditional incremental layering technique. In the 4 years since, SureFil SDR flow has become widely adopted and remains a powerful tool in the clinician?s armamentarium.

The Technology Behind the Name graph

Shorter chair times mean a more efficient practice and less stress for the patient. And when it comes to stress, SureFil SDR flow excels in multiple avenues. The SDR portion of the moniker is shorthand for DENTSPLY Caulk?s proprietary ?stress-decreasing resin? technology, the science that equips SureFil SDR flow with the lowest polymerization stress of any flowable on the market. Polymerization stress occurs because composites shrink when cured. This stress can lead to a number of issues, including marginal integrity problems, enamel fracture, cracked cusps, and more.

According to DENTSPLY Caulk, SDR Technology features a ?Polymerization Modulator? that is chemically embedded in the polymerizable resin backbone of the SDR resin monomer. This reduces stress build-up on polymerization without a reduction in the polymerization rate or conversion. Through the use of the Polymerization Modulator, the SDR resin forms a more relaxed network and provides lower polymerization stress than any other conventional resin. Three-year clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy and long-term success of this technology.1

Added Benefits

In addition to offering the first low-stress bulk-fill flowable composite, SureFil SDR flow makes application easy with premeasured Compula Tips, allowing the clinician to simply dispense and cure. With a high fracture toughness of 4.63 MPa, the material provides reliable, long-lasting posterior restorations.

SureFil SDR flow is chemically compatible with methacrylate-based bonding agents and features a 20 second cure for the universal shade and 40 seconds for shades A1, A2, and A3. It is also radiopaque for easy identification on x-ray.

As Reviewed by Dental Product Shopper

When Dental Product Shopper evaluated SureFil SDR flow in 2009, the material earned a score of 4.4 overall, earning a ?Best Product? distinction. Nine of the 10 evaluators said they would ?definitely? or ?probably? purchase the product in the future and continue using it.

The Bigger Picture

SureFil SDR flow is part of a larger system that DENTSPLY Caulk offers as a total Class 2 restorative solution. The system includes the Palodent Plus sectional matrix system, Prime&Bond Elect adhesive, TPH Spectra universal composite, and the Enhance finishing system. This group of complementary products is designed to work together to provide reliable results without any guesswork.

Each product in the system (aside from Enhance polishers) has been evaluated by Dental Product Shopper, and each received either a ?Recommended? or ?Best Product? rating. This ensures that this class 2 system, anchored by SureFil SDR flow, has excelled under real-world conditions when used in everyday practice.

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