Triodent V3 Ring: Creating Ideal Anatomical Contacts?Easily

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 09/02/2009
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Direct Class II restorations have been a standard of care nearly as long as we have been doing dentistry. The ability to obtain an ideal anatomical contact with older dental materials has not been a major concern because of our ability to condense the material into the cavity preparation. Newer innovations in dentistry have been focused on creating this ideal contact using today?s more amorphous materials, resulting in difficulty condensing it into a cavity preparation.

Several options are available for creating a good contact with direct resin restorations, and a few have progressed from good to great. One of these is the V3 Ring from Triodent.

Simple Application

After a defect is removed, the V3 matrix band is placed. These bands have a tab for ease of placement and are contoured for an ideal contact form. The Wave-Wedge, which comes in several sizes, is contoured so that once it?s in place, it stays put. The wedges do not impinge on the tissue, but at the same time they seal the band against the tooth more ideally than other systems I?ve used.

The V3 Ring is then placed over the wedge. Notching on the V3 Ring fits the wedge and its contours, so the ring holds the wedge in place while at the same time sealing the band for a much better fit than other systems with which I?ve had experience. I have yet to have a ring come off after placement. Again, this is due to the natural contour of the V3 Ring and its ability to hug the tooth.

Finishing (Or Lack of Finishing)

Because of the tight fit of the band, there is much less flash after the band is removed, making finishing much faster. The marginal ridge is rolled as it should be and the contact form is not a straight line from the box to a ledge contact. You will notice consistently tight contacts where they should be and not at the top of the marginal ridge.

Quick and Easy Ideal Contacts

The V3 Ring from Triodent has allowed me to obtain ideal contacts with a minimal amount of effort. Finishing is quicker and easier because of the ideal fit of the V3 matrix band and because the contacts are more anatomically shaped. Give yourself permission to relax during placement of Class II restorations. It is easier today than ever before using Triodent?s new V3 ring.