VersaTemp Temporary Crown and Bridge Resin

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/02/2013
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Customizable form and function create provisionals that feel and look like final restorations.

No longer simple placeholders, temporary restorations play a critical role in the restorative process. In terms of function and form, the provisional period is a test-drive for both the patient and dentist to assess fit and comfort as well as shade and shape. Providing an accurate advance preview of the permanent restoration, temporaries fabricated with Sultan Healthcare?s VersaTemp allow their fit, color, and shape to be adjusted chairside. Offering an economical price point, VersaTemp temporary crown and bridge material can be used for single-unit restorations and short-span bridges requiring short-term wear.

Ingredients for Success

VersaTemp?s bis-acryl composite-based resin chemistry imparts excellent strength and hardness for all routine restorative procedures. The self-curing material has been shown to exhibit flexural strength of more than 70 MPa and compressive strength of 205 MPa.

Reliable Convenience

To minimize waste and prevent cross contamination, VersaTemp is supplied in clog-proof 1:1 dual-barrel automix cartridges. The automix hand syringe contains 5 mL of material; 25- and 50-mL cartridges also are available for use with an automix dispensing gun. Easy to handle, the cartridges can provide safe, efficient dual-port delivery, and their small dispensing tips are designed to reduce wasted material by as much as 15%. For enhanced productivity and predictable time-management, VersaTemp has an application time of 30 seconds, a mouth removal time of 1 to 2 minutes, a setting time of 3 to 4 minutes (without generating any heat or odor for maximum patient comfort), and a finishing time of less than 4 minutes.

Looks Matter

Between VersaTemp?s available shades and customization tools, clinicians can easily fabricate esthetic, natural-looking temporaries that preview definitive restorations. VersaTemp comes in 6 VITA shades?AO-Bleach, A1, A2, A3.5, B1, and C2?to accommodate virtually all color-match requirements. Additionally, Sultan Healthcare offers 2 complementary products that allow further enhancement. Provisionals can be custom characterized with the 7 stains (yellow, blue, gray, white, brown, gray, and burnt amber) in the TempART LC stain kit. These stains enable the clinician to accurately simulate the subtle shading highlights and color variations of natural dentition.

To create a durable lifelike natural sheen on VersaTemp provisionals, clinicians can use TempART GlossCote light-cure varnish. With less time and effort than mechanical polishing, it imparts a high-gloss fi nish that helps minimize the accumulation of plaque and debris. VersaTemp kits contain a selection of VersaTemp shades, adjunct materials, and accessories. All components are available individually in refill packs as well.

Sultan also offers TempArt acrylic resin temporary crown and bridge material, a powder/liquid system for chairside and laboratory use. Additionally, Sultan?s SensiTemp temporary cements come in 3 formulations: zinc oxide eugenol, noneugenol zinc oxide, and noneugenol resin.