ViscoStat Clear

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/26/2013
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It’s not surprising that Ultradent offers one of the market-leading hemostatic agents for dentistry—ViscoStat Clear. The first patent received in 1979 by the company’s founder, Dr. Dan Fischer, was for his original formulation for controlling bleeding and sulcular fluid—Astringedent. Since then, there’s been a long history of research and development in this area at Ultradent.

Clearly Esthetic

In 2005, Ultradent introduced ViscoStat Clear as the next generation of aluminum chloride hemostatic agents. Formulated to stop minor bleeding and sulcular fluid quickly without leaving a residue, ViscoStat Clear 25% aluminum chloride is viscous, yet easy to spread for easy handling.

Specifically intended for the esthetic zone, ViscoStat Clear is a transparent gel recommended for use before placing anterior crowns and veneers. It rinses off easily and does not interfere with bonding.

Multipurpose Hemostasis

With a pH of about 1, ViscoStat Clear is used for the temporary hemostasis of the gingival margin during dental procedures such as, but not limited to, creating impressions, seating temporary and permanent restorations, and placing rubber dams.

ViscoStat Clear causes the collagen in the capillary ends to swell and it closes off the capillaries. This action prevents coagulum and hemostatic residue from adhering to the preparation, which is critical in the esthetic zone. Additionally, ViscoStat Clear does not stain the hard and/or soft tissues.

Simple Procedure

ViscoStat Clear is applied in a simple 3-step process:

1. Attach an empty Ultradent 1.2 mL syringe to the end of the ViscoStat IndiSpense syringe. Gently depress the plunger of the IndiSpense syringe while holding the plunger on the empty syringe.

2. Twist the Metal Dento-Infusor tip securely onto the syringe.

3. Circling the preparation, express the gel while firmly rubbing until all bleeding stops.

Colleagues' Endorsement

ViscoStat Clear was evaluated by practicing dentists in the Dental Product Shopper peer-to-peer product evaluation program. All but one of the 8 evaluators rated its ability to control bleeding and sulcular fluid as excellent to good. One evaluator commented, “ViscoStat Clear works as well or better than anything else I have tried.”

The evaluators were also asked about the importance of compatibility with impression materials when purchasing a hemostatic agent—5 evaluators said it is very important and 3 evaluators said it is important.

After using ViscoStat Clear, the evaluators were asked to rate its compatibility with impression materials. Four evaluators rated it as excellent and 4 rated it as very good.

Rating ViscoStat Clear on ease of cleanup, 2 evaluators rated it as excellent, 4 rated it very good, and 2 rated it good. Most of the evaluators commented on the ease of cleanup, saying it was the same as or better than other hemostatic agents.

The Rest of the Family

Also available for hemostasis and fluid control is ViscoStat; it has a 20% ferric sulfate formula. ViscoStat is supplied in Ultradent's proprietary IndiSpense syringe and is used with the Metal Dento-Infusor application tip.

Practicing dentist, lecturer, and researcher Dr. John Kanca said, “ViscoStat Clear may be used in tandem with regular ViscoStat. Because the 2 materials have different modes of hemostasis, they complement each other.”

“ViscoStat Clear is something that I use absolutely every day without fear of iron staining,” added Dr. Kanca. “I recommend it for use in esthetic areas. It leaves tissues clean and dry.”