Why Should You Care About Mini Dental Implants?

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/25/2013
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As dentists, we are bombarded with the concept of mini dental implants, but there are some good reasons for that.

First, let?s look at the money end. Everyone (dental product manufacturers, insurance companies, and dentists) makes money with mini dental implants. A typical case using mini dental implants to stabilize an existing lower denture, on average, can cost a dentist about $600, while the average fee for this procedure is about $2500?netting $1900 per case. Most of the time, for a first case, a patient needs a new set of dentures, which offsets the initial mini dental implant training cost. This is why so many dentists are doing these procedures.

A Steady Income Stream

Second, we don?t have to look far for patients who can benefit from mini dental implants. Most dentists have 2 to 3 denture patients who are in constant denture reline mode. These patients have loose dentures that are not stable and need to be relined every 3 to 6 months. Reaching out to these patients and other denture patients costs very little money. An e-mail or letter by regular mail telling the patients how mini dental implants can improve their denture situation might be all that it takes to get them interested. Putting a few brochures about mini dental implants in the office or having a model showing the implants holding the denture in place are low cost options as well.

Ease of Use

Third, with training, mini dental implant procedures can become very easy to do. Training is usually a day-long course with some type of hands-on portion. Placing 4 to 5 mini dental implants into models during these training sessions gives dentists the chance to experience the ease of this procedure. Cranking out 6-unit bridges, 10- to 12-unit veneer cases, multiple Class 2 resin restorations, and molar root canals are all high-paying procedures that can mentally and physically wear on dentists. With mini dental implant procedures, high fees and low strain on the body can not only help increase profits, but also can aid in extending dental careers.

The Bottom Line?Improving Patients? Lives

I?ve done hundreds of mini dental implant cases to stabilize dentures, and none of these patients have regretted having the procedure done. Being able to eat whatever they want, not having the dentures move around, and opening their mouths without the dentures falling down or out are what these patients gained with mini dental implants. With this procedure, we are changing the lives of these patients in every sense of the phrase. That is the bottom line.