Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/30/2013
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X-pod delivers instant diagnostic-quality radiographic images on a wireless handheld device.

myray x-pod

MyRay?s X-pod brings dentistry into the now-familiar world of smartphones and tablets. Just as we pull up our boarding passes, shopping lists, and e-mails on our mobile devices, X-pod enables the dentist to instantly collect, review, enhance, and measure crystal-clear high-resolution radiographs on a wide, pocket-size touchscreen display. X-pod incorporates its power supply and software into a compact palm-sized unit, eliminating wires and the need for a computer.

Advanced Sensor Technology

The X-pod system incorporates advanced 14-bit CMOS intraoral sensors. These ergonomic sensors have smooth edges, rounded corners, and a reinforced cable attachment on the back to simplify intraoral positioning and avoid patient discomfort. Their 3-layer technology includes a fiberoptics plate that preserves image resolution and protects the sensor from direct x-ray penetration. Sealed and liquid-proof with a hardened outer casing, X-pod sensors feature a 20 ?m pixel size and offer 25 lp/mm resolution. The 5.3-mm?thick size 1 sensor has a 20 mm x 30 mm active area that is optimal for pediatric patients; the size 2 sensor is 5.7 mm thick, offers an active area of 26 mm x 34 mm, which is ideal for adult bitewings.

Handheld Convenience

X-pod?s medical grade display unit incorporates a highdefinition, touch-sensitive, full-color backlit monitor with an anti-glare coating; it measures 3.75 in x 2.1 in (4.3 in diagonal). Weighing less than a pound and featuring rounded corners, the handheld device is 5.6 in x 3.3 in and 1.2 in thick. It has a hot-plug for both sensor sizes, a high-speed USB port, and a recharge socket. It accommodates a secure digital memory card for collecting and provisionally storing hundreds of images. For convenient storage and access, MyRay offers the Smart Holster that attaches to any surface and holds the handheld unit.

Wireless Connectivity

In the name of complete transparency, the X-pod system is not 100% wireless?the display unit is connected to the intraoral sensor with a dedicated interchangeable cable. But the complete sensor/display assembly is untethered, completely mobile, and easily moved between treatment rooms. Clinicians can save images directly into patients? electronic records quickly, securely, and wirelessly by transferring to the practice computer via Bluetooth 2. MyRay?s proprietary interference- free implementation provides reliable, safe data transfer only to the practice computer, ensuring patient privacy. Once images are transferred, they can be organized and manipulated with the practice?s existing imaging software. X-pod is powered by a lithium?polymer battery thatovernight charge. Dedicated Incidentally, don?t try to pull up your boarding pass or e-mails on the X-pod. With its dedicated direct sensor connection, X-pod was designed only for efficient digital radiography. The flexible X-pod can be used as a standalone system or ?connected? to a PC. Images can be safely stored on a memory card or shared via Bluetooth 2 or USB connection.