XLDent Practice Management System

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 02/01/2012
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XLDent Practice Management System

PEB?s XLDent has helped dental practices streamline and digitize all aspects of their practices?getting all the power of a paper chart without the paper.

Professional Economics Bureau of America (PEB) has been providing practice management tools for dentists since the 1970s, first with innovative paper systems that increased patient flow and profits, then with stand-alone software that ran on IBM PCs in the 1980s, and now using today?s tablet PCs and wireless technology. PEB?s XLDent suite is designed for both administrative and clinical staff.

Keeping Pace with Technology

PEB is known for its dedication to keeping pace with technologic advances, and providing cuttingedge technology for dental practices. XLDent can boast several important ?firsts?:

? with a tablet PC
? with wireless for all dental software suites
? to run with 64-bit Windows 7 Pro and Windows 2008
? with a total integrated imaging system that works with most x-ray and camera systems
? with integrated e-prescribe
? with inked-on charting

XLDent recently launched Version 11.0, which includes many new features, like customizable Report Toolbars and a new Doctor Portal, to help improve office efficiency. Version 11.0 also includes an enhanced Patient Portal for online forms completion. Web forms are automatically updated to XLDent and the built-in eMessage feature helps to bring the patient experience to a new level.

XLDent?s users rely on the software?s robust, user- friendly approach to automate key business processes so that practices can be manage profitably. As the practice grows, additional XLDent products can be purchased and added to the system.

The XLDent Suite

The XLDent Practice Management System provides front-desk solutions for today?s dental office. An overview of the system?s components illustrates its comprehensive reach.

The Dental Patient Screen can be customized to suit every user?s needs. All patient information is accessible from one screen with full-feature functionality. The Patient Toolbar provides easy access to patient history, claims, treatment plans, prescriptions, patient alerts, statement notes, and the patient document archive center.

The Dental Appointment Scheduler delivers a fully customizable, complete scheduling solution that features appointment reminders, printable color schedules, daily task pad, and multiple schedule views. Its user-friendly design allows all information to be within view, giving direct access to the Patient Screen from every appointment.

An interactive Post Treatment Screen allows even a novice user to enter procedures and check out patients with ease.

Patient History and Dental Reports use XLDent?s up-to-date grid technology. XLDent?s on-screen data organization control and relevant reporting filters offer increased reporting power with greater flexibility.

Beyond the Front Office

XLDent?s versatility doesn?t stop at the front office.

XLChart allows anatomically correct tooth representation, realistic restoration graphics, periodontal exams, progress notes, and advanced imaging. XLChart offers the Ink On Chart feature, which is as simple as writing on a clipboard.

ImageXL adds digital image components. From digital x-ray systems to flatbed scanners, ImageXL stores images from any digital imaging peripheral and integrates them seamlessly to patient charts.

XLTeach delivers a practice?s message quickly and consistently with 3-dimensional animation. XLTeach helps promote the high-tech image of a practice and improve treatment acceptance.

XLNotify Instant Messaging simplifies interoffice communication. Send messages to one person or a group of people or workstations, or broadcast the message throughout the entire office.

XLCheckIn makes the process of going paperless simple and efficient. XLCheckin facilitates unattended patient check-in via a tablet PC, with customizable screens.

XLTimeClock automates the process of recording employee time with a flexible, easy to use software-based clock program that tracks employee hours easily. It is simple to install on one or more computers.

XLPortal integrates seamlessly with a practice?s existing website. Patients and doctors have secure access to the information they want, when they want it.

With the Patient Portal, patients can access statements, appointments, treatment plans, complete registration forms, and make payments 24/7. The Doctor Portal allows clinicians to access their appointment schedule, patient treatment, prescription history, and patient photos and more from any location using their mobile device.

Product Support and Integration

XLDent offers superior product support and provides XLDent-certified site preparation and implementation teams to help practitioners integrate computer networks and technology. The company?s state-of-the-art computer and digital technology is tested and integrated in XLDent?s Computer Production Center. Refresher training is available on-site, online, or at the company?s training center.