Zimmer CurV

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/28/2011
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Zimmer CurV

Zimmer introduces a pre-shaped collagen membrane that redefines ridge augmentation.

Over the years, the name Zimmer has become associated with a company that creates innovative and personalized technologies that help restore mobility and alleviate pain. This reputation applies to the company?s comprehensive line of complementary regenerative products. These products feature collagen-based materials, which provide a solid scaffold for host tissue regeneration, and the latest addition to the line, the Zimmer CurV, is no exception to this rule.

Designed to retain graft material during vertical bone augmentation, this biocompatible, resorbable collagen membrane product is pre-shaped for custom molding to the defect site.

Composed of type 1 collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon, the Zimmer CurV is pre-shaped for custom molding to the posterior or anterior defect site. It can effectively house Puros Particulate Allograft or other grafting material with minimal migration when fixated with conventional methods.

A Pliable Option

At the NYU College of Dentistry International Implantology Week, held in March, 2011 amd sponsored by Zimmer, Richard Kraut, DDS, said he had the opportunity to work with Zimmer CurV before official release to the profession.

?This is our replacement for the cumbersome metal titanium mesh,? Dr. Kraut said. ?With any of the metal meshes, they all basically have the same issue. If you get exposure you are going to lose all or part of the grafts. They are time consuming to bend and they tend to spring no matter what you do on the lingual side.?

Focused Bone Augmentation

Dr. Kraut said that the Zimmer CurV allows for focused bone augmentation because it is designed to retain graft material during the bone remodeling process, allowing vertical bone growth where desired. It holds particulate graft material to control and minimize migration. The Zimmer CurV holds particulate to control and minimize migration, with no removal required as is required with titanium mesh.

Pearls for Use

Dr. Kraut offered this pearl about using the Zimmer CurV: ?I usually take a piece of cardboard from my suture pack, which helps form my template for how I want to trim it. A couple of scissor cuts and you are ready to go. Unlike with mesh, there are no sharp edges.?

By eliminating the need for removal, Zimmer?s CurV has established a new standard for the design of bone augmentation materials. Dr. Kraut?s said in his opinion, this offering has provided the answer to many surgeons ?wish lists? for a comprehensive material that is easy to use and well tolerated by the oral mucosa.

During an interview at the NYU College of Dentistry meeting, Hom-Lay Wang, MS, PhD, who served as the meeting?s clinical chair, told Dental Product Shopper that he agreed with Dr. Kraut. He said the field has seen a wave of new data on regenerative materials/ techniques, new implant materials and designs, sinus lift kits, and abutments in recent years. But he specifically mentioned Zimmer?s latest innovation, the Zimmer CurV, noting that this product is an example of technology that is changing the industry.

For decades, Zimmer Dental has gained the trust of thousands of clinicians worldwide who count on its comprehensive line of products to deliver successful patient outcomes and with the newest addition to their line, the company continues to deliver on that reputation. ?Colleen Platt