Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 09/25/2014
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About 18 months ago, I was fortunate enough to receive a sample of Danville?s ZNano universal composite. I was already a fan of nanocomposite technology and had been using another brand for a while. I immediately fell in love with ZNano because of its great handling and polishability, seeing a great improvement over what I was using. Not that it mattered because I was already convinced, but when I found out ZNano was less expensive than my current material, my decision was cemented.


ZNano is now my go-to composite, having eliminated the need for a lot of my other materials. I can use it effectively for all classes of anterior and posterior restorations and I don?t need to layer with other materials to achieve the esthetics needed. ZNano offers simplified selection and reduced inventory.

Strength and Esthetics

Because the particle filler in ZNano is made of zirconia (much harder than traditional glass filler), my restorations are exceptionally strong and durable. I know zirconia has been associated with compromised esthetics, and that is still true to some extent with indirect restorations. But ZNano also includes resin matrices as binding agents for the zirconia filler, imparting a really nice chameleon effect?something you don?t get with milled monolithic zirconia.

Additionally, the small and uniform size of the zirconia filler particles give ZNano amazing polishability along with polish retention. I have found that my restorations have held their esthetic edge longer, with no staining or surface roughness over time

Meeting the Challenge

I recently had great success with ZNano for a challenging central diastema closure. With the excellent shade selection (7 VITA shades plus A5, 3 opaque shades, Opalescent A2, and Bleach White), I could do a great shade match. Additionally, I was able to bulkplace ZNano to fill in the entire diastema and enclose it without layering or adding different materials. It blended really well and had natural opalescence and translucency?a nice overall finish. And without layering, I greatly reduced the chance of staining and/or breaking. I especially like the nonsticky handling that ZNano offers. Its medium viscosity provides an ideal balance of flow and manipulability. I can easily push it around where I want it?and it stays. It adapts well to my preps but is firm enough to sculpt.

With enamel-like hardness, lifelike esthetics, and easy handling, ZNano has become the core of my restorative armamentarium for everywhere in the mouth. Additionally, it?s exceptionally radiopaque for excellent visibility at follow- up visits, and it?s compatible with all current bonding systems. And a final bonus?ZNano offers long-term fluoride release. I recommend it to all my colleagues.