Zone Temporary Cement

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/07/2011
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Zone Temporary Cement

DUX Dental?s hard-setting, crystalline cement assures consistent, superior retention, yet permits easy removal and clean up.

No matter what the product may be, the principle driving DUX Dental remains the same: for 50 years, DUX Dental has been manufacturing high-quality products that they believe outperform similar products, and they are always seeking out the latest innovations. Such is the case with DUX Dental?s Zone products, which are formulated to be completely eugenol-free. Designed to avoid cracking acrylics, these cements are non-toxic, and are designed to be kind to tissue and nerve endings. Low in water solubility and resistant to breakdown in the oral environment, Zone products are designed to provide long-lasting results.

KOL Support

Dr. Bob Margeas, a dentist in Des Moines, Iowa, has been a user of Zone products for many years. He said that this line has been a tried and true choice for him because it ?is smooth, sets fast, and cleans up easily.? He told Dental Product Shopper in an interview that he enjoys this line, because it helps his crowns stay in place, adding, ?The formula doesn?t cause sensitivity.?

Dr. Margeas regularly lectures on dentistry and said that a clinician?s choice of cements often will infl uence treatment outcome. There are several types of luting cements on the market: light-cure only, which is generally more for veneers or thin resto¬rations that light can penetrate, and dualcured, which is for restorations that light cannot penetrate.

Automix Features

Dr. Margeas said he often turns to Zone products because they have an automix tip, which means, ?[He] can put the cement directly into the crown.? The automix syringe facilitates easy dispensing into any temporary, and offers the advantages of an immediate seal, no mixing, and no waiting.

The Zone line also features a dual syringe, which offers the advantage of 1-handed dispensing. The Zone kit features a 2-tube base and catalyst as well as a non-slip mixing pad. Also in the line is the Zone Single Unit Dose, which is ideal for a patient who travels while provisionalized, plus it optimizes asepsis.

Compatible with all provisional materials, Zone products have a 30-second mixing time and a 2-minute working time. This hard-setting, crystalline cement assures consistent, superior retention, yet permits easy removal and cleanup.

The DUX Brand

DUX Dental also manufactures other leading dental products, including Identic and KromaFaze Alginate, Hydrocolloid, Xenolite Lead-Free X-Ray Aprons, PeelVue+ Pouches and Bib-Eze disposable bib holders.