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Using proprietary Denali Setting Chemistry, AURA VLC is color stable. The crystal-clear shade is color neutral, achieving a unique contact-lens-effect that results in a genuine lifelike esthetic. AURA VLC is light cure only, which eliminates the yellowing associated with dual-cure products. It has a very low film thickness, resulting in excellent sealing of ceramic and composite restorations. AURA VLC uses the total etch technique. Self-etch bonding agents may be used on dentin. The inter-facial bond strength between AURA VLC and bonding agents is greater than traditional resin cements and bonding agents. The product does not require special applicators, mixing, or triturators. The AURA VLC standard kit is offered with four shades: crystal clear, off-white, white, and light yellow. Each kit contains one syringe of each shade, tips, and a shade guide. Custom kits are also available for clinicians who prefer only 1 or 2 shades. In addition, Denali is offering a free syringe of AURAVue Sealer with each kit of AURA VLC Cement. —Bob Alaburda

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