Biohorizons Multi-unit Abutment System

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To meet the needs of a variety of procedures, the angled Multi-Unit Abutments provide a great range of angulation correction and less lateral offset, ensuring strength, versatility and simplicity. With a low-profile, sculpted design, the abutment emergence profiles seat easily on implants in shallow or deep tissue. This provides optimal soft tissue contouring with a wide variety of collar heights. With a 45-degree conical connection, the abutments feature self-centering 22.5-degrees of angulation correction to help ensure a passive prosthetic fit and restorative flexibility to diverging implants. The retained abutment screw allows for 1-handed delivery of angled abutments with either a 0.050-in Hex or Unigrip Driver.


Case Study

Case Study

Full-Arch Immediate Load Solutions for the Failing Dentition

A 65-year-old female who was intolerant of a traditional denture, but was also terrified of not having teeth, presented with a failing lower fixed partial denture. To provide a quick, predictable solution, I used an implant and prosthetic component system for the screw retention of a denture onto the implants on the day of implant placement for a full-arch implant-supported restoration. On the day of surgery, I removed the patient?s remaining lower teeth and placed 4 tapered internal implants (BioHorizons). The multi-unit abutments were placed on the implant heads. Then, the implants were attached to the titanium copings...

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Biohorizons Multi-unit Abutment System
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