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Tapered Plus implants feature a beveled collar and are packaged mount-free for quick placement and maximum visibility. The protocol increases soft-tissue volume around the implant connection, a major contribution to long-term implant esthetics. The portion just below the implant connection and above the threading of all Tapered Plus implants incorporates BioHorizons proprietary Laser-Lok microchannels, an exclusive surface treatment that promotes physical connective-tissue sealing and maintains crestal bone for natural-looking restorations.


Case Study

Case Study

Tapered Plus

Building on the popular features of the Tapered Internal implant system, the Tapered Plus implant system maximizes both bone and soft-tissue attachment (with its Laser-Lok?treated beveled collar) and soft-tissue volume (via platform switching). The Versatility of Platform Switching More than 2 decades ago, when wide-diameter implants and platforms were first introduced, compatible prosthetic components were not immediately available. Many of these 5.0-mm and 6.0-mm implants consequently received readily available smaller-diameter abutments and prosthetic components. A happy accident, it was found that vertical change in crestal bone height was much less...

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Biohorizons Tapered Plus
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