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With no foot pedal, power cord or external controls, the revolutionary iLase takes dental lasers beyond portable. The iLase ergonomic all-in-one laser weighs in at only 3.5 ounces yet delivers a full 5 Watts of peak power and is packed with capabilities and innovations that are usually found on more expensive higher powered lasers. With easy-to-use controls integrated into the handpiece right at the clinician’s fingertips, iLase provides a truly unrestricted laser for soft tissue and hygiene procedures. The key to the intuitive operation of the iLase is its exclusive wrap around finger switch. The ability to engage the switch from different positions on the iLase allows maximum comfort and working efficiency. The iLase is designed to perform a comprehensive set of 25 soft-tissue and hygiene procedures. For optimum efficiency, recommended values for power and pulse mode are factory installed for 10 of the most common soft tissue procedures.


iLase Personal Dental Diode Laser
Technical Specification
Control Panel: LED Screen - 3-Way Navigation Button
Dimensions: 7.2 x 0.75
Dimensions Type: in
Foot Operation: No
Handpiece Type and Swivel: Self Contained Unit In Handpiece
Laser Classification: Class 4 Laser
Operating Voltage: 3.7 volts
Portable: Yes
Power: 5 watts
Tip Sterilization Method: Single-Use Disposable
Warranty: 2 years
Wavelength: 940 +/- 15 nm
Weight: 0.22
Weight Type: lbs
Sku# 7400040-01




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Biolase iLase Review
I find the Biolase iLase a good product for revealing implants, exposing implant abutment margins, and working around any type of metallic restoration that needs a gingivectomy for restorative purposes. This was a promo item given to me with a computer purchase, so being free was certainly a bonus, but if it did not work I wouldn't use it. Having used electrosurgery for 34 years, I find any laser slow and laborious, but around implants it cannot be used, so the iLase gives me the tool to do the job with the comfort of knowing the implant and bone will not be harmed. The small size, 2 magnetic battery system are great. Small foot print, portability, and backup battery are definite positives for this system. Day to day I will still use my electrosurgery because of speed and precise cutting ability, but when needed this iLase helps me greatly.
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Biolase iLase
The positive feature of this laser is to it is very portable for use in all ops and by both Dr and Hyg. It does not require a foot pedal or wires. The battery lasts long enough and it is easy to swap in the back up battery if you need it. The negative is that it is a bit heavy, and not real powerful. Since it does not have a foot pedal you press on it with your fingers. It requires a lot of pressure to keep it on. There is a flashing light that is not always in a visable position and a beep sound too but it is hard to hear with he suction going so often you can not tell if the laser is working especially doing a procedure where there is no "cutting" like perio therapy. The safety glasses that come with it are flimsy too.
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