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Biomet 3i Tapered Implant Slim Surgical Kit

Biomet 3i Tapered Implant Slim Surgical Kit

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Product Information

BIOMET 3i’s Tapered Implant Slim Surgical Kit is designed to provide a compact set of instruments for placing 3.25 mm and 4 mm diameter implants in 8.5 to 13 mm lengths.

The kit provides 2 insert options: one for both Certain and External Hex Components and one for Certain only. Other features include: a reduced footprint to fit in smaller autoclaves; a clamshell design with a latch for easy opening; clear pathways that follow BIOMET 3i Surgical Guidelines; spaces labeled with product descriptions for easy identification and population; 3 “open” spaces for any additional instruments; wrenches located on the insert for easy access; and a silicone mat for storage of additional instruments.

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