BioRoot RCS

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Product Description

Septodont’s BioRoot RCS is a mineral-based root canal sealer designed for general or endodontic use and offers features that help create successful restorations. This resin-free sealant is gentle on the pulp and tissue, reducing causes of sensitivity and pain and providing a “feel-good” experience for both the clinician and patient. It incorporates an easy-to-use signle cone cold lateral obturation technique that ensures a strong, durable, void-free seal that tightly binds to dentin and gutta-percha points to prevent microleakage. The sealant’s hydrophilic nature allows the sealing process to continue even when moisture is present. Its pure mineral formulation protects teeth from stains, and its favorable alkaline environment allows for an increase of pH value greater than 11.

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BioRoot RCS, 35 Application Pack, 01E300
Technical Specification
Contains: 15 g powder bottle, 35 single dose containers, measuring spoon
Ignition Temperature: 240C
pH: >11
Powdered: Yes
Sku# 01E0300


BioRoot RCS is a bioactive, mineral-based root canal sealer with outstanding sealing properties. According to Dr. Jimmy Chan, a cost-effective bioactive endodontic sealer is challenging to find, but Septodont’s BioRoot RCS met all his expectations in a root canal sealer. BioRoot allowed for rapid healing of periapical lesions with less post-operative discomfort, reported Dr. Chan, one of the dentists who tested BioRoot for this Dental Product Shopper evaluation. “The customized powder-liquid mixture provided a cost-effective opti...

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BioRoot RCS
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