Biosplint® Dental Reinforcement Ribbon- Accessories

Product Description
Biosplint® is a multiple-use dental reinforcement ribbon made of polyethylene erephthalate woven fibers. This system is used for stabilization and immobilization of loose teeth, immediate replacement of avulsed teeth, reinforcement and construction of both provisional and permanent bridges and maintenance of interdental spaces. Fast, reversible, aesthetic and perfectly painless System for stabilization of mobile teeth Accessories contain: 8 brushes and 3 probes

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Biosplint® Dental Reinforcement Ribbon- Accessories

Biosplint Dental Reinforcement Ribbon Accessories
Technical Specification
Contains: 8 brushes and 3 probes
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 201663




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Biosplint® Dental Reinforcement Ribbon- Accessories
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