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?Mountain Dew Mouth? is Destroying Appalachia?s Teeth

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Mountain Don?t

The people of Appalachia have an addiction, and it?s killing their teeth. The culprit? Mostly Mountain Dew. In this part of the country, sipping soda all day is a cultural norm, and health officials are alarmed at the rising incidence of tooth decay in this region. Recent studies have even shown that soda can be as bad for your teeth as hard drugs. So when a single product is making an entire Mountain Dewpopulation look like they could be extras on an episode of Breaking Bad, people take notice.

Part of the proposed solution in Appalachia, one of the poorest regions in the US, is to prohibit the use of food stamps to buy these bottles of brown chemical water and empty calories.

From the NPR article, ?We are using taxpayer dollars to buy soda for the SNAP program, and we are using taxpayer dollars to rip teeth out of people's heads who can't afford dental care and are on Medicaid,? says Dana Singer, a research analyst at the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department in Parkersburg, W.Va., who wants to see stricter regulations on sales of all sugary beverages in the region. ?It makes no sense to be paying for these things twice.??

We already know that soda and energy drinks can melt your teeth, explode your heart, and diabetes your blood. Now it's affecting the health and well-being of an entire population. 

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