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"Prepless" Veneers - Resistance vs Acceptance

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Today, I think the success of ?prepless? is because of a combination of much more. Our patients? expectations of a smile design are different. We have seen this over the history of breast implants, where once they were more reconstructive and now they are almost decorative. I often hear, "I want a bigger smile and white teeth."

We are given much more latitude today in our final tooth contours, we have materials that we can make thinner than ever before, and we can combine this all to improve a smile without doing harm to our patients. Worst case scenario today is that the patient changes his or her mind and we remove the porcelain, just re-exposing the natural tooth or teeth.

A question I often get is: ?How about the thickness?? I always inform the patient that without a preparation, and since we are putting a thin layer of porcelain over their teeth, they will be slightly thicker. In the Informed Consent form from Den-Mat, they put this in print, and I almost always make a resin overlay over my patient's ?unpreped? teeth first so that they can both see the change and feel the thickness.

So what do you all think? Which system do you feel most comfortable with and why?

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