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3M ESPE's Disposable Intraoral Impression Syringe

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Or, more recently, you could dispense it directly from the grease gun with a mixing tip and intraoral tip attached to that. It's a rather large contraption by the time you get it all together, and it's not really conducive to precision placement in the patient's mouth (with your controlling hand a good 10 in back on the handle). It's difficult to keep the tip consistently in contact with the marginal area all the way around and you know how that prevents those pesky bubbles.

This is where the 3M ESPE Intraoral Impression Syringe comes to the rescue. It combines the best of both worlds: the material isn't mixed until immediately before being placed on the preparation because the 3M ESPE syringes are dual-chambered and it's in a conveniently small and easily maneuvered device. Finally, it's disposable; use it and pitch it in the garbage. No disassembly or clean-up.

There are 2 versions of the 3M ESPE Intraoral Impression Syringe. The purple one is for Impregum and the green one is for Imprint (or any other VPS cartridge system). These syringes mount directly on the dual-chambered impression cartridge. You then preload them with the (grease gun)

You'll notice the mixing tips are bent at a 90-degree angle. That is the ?closed? position. When the tip is in this position, it allows you to load the chambers while air vents out at the joint. When you are ready to use it, you rotate the tip out straight. Then as you squeeze the plunger, the materials mix in the tip and are expressed onto the preparation. If you use 3M ESPE's new glass ionomer restorative, Ketac Nano, you'll recognize the tip. It?s the same thing. Those brainiacs at 3M ESPE creates some way-cool stuff!

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