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3rd Era Dentistry Integrates Patient Care with New Company

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3rd era dentistry

With a new branch of the company, Dr. Whitney understands the oral-systemic connection and is an advocate for improved collaboration between dentistry and medicine. He will be launching The Oral-Systemic Specialist Empowerment Program for Dental Hygienists during the "RDH Under One Roof" 2014 event.

?The integration of medicine and dentistry is sadly lacking,? Whitney said. ?That?s why 3rd Era Dentistry was where we needed to start-especially among hygienists who are on the front lines of periodontal therapy and patient education.?

The Oral-Systemic Specialist Empowerment Program for Dental Hygienists is a comprehensive package of tools designed to empower dental hygienists to achieve the goals such as becoming an oral-systemic specialist, become integrated care managers, enhance patient education skills about oral-systemic links, and improve perio treatment case acceptance among others. 

?The hygiene community is very fortunate to have a physician advocate like Dr. Whitney who truly appreciates what they do every day to contribute to the overall health of a patient,? Lisa Wadsworth, RDH, said. ?The collaboration between a physician and a hygienist has resulted in a unique and powerful program.?

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