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5 Reasons Every Operatory Needs An Intraoral Dental Viewer

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Here are 5 reasons to have a DrQuickLook Intraoral Dental Viewer in each operatory:
    1.    Save time by allowing images to create patient treatment plan acceptance. Allowing a patient to see the image of their tooth only a foot away is critical to their decision making process. Long explanations become a thing of the past.
    2.    Making each staff member responsible for their part of an office imaging plan creates a real high tech office feel. The look on a patient's face when they understand you are investing in technology is amazing. When the concept is used throughout your office, it's not just an isolated thing?it creates an atmosphere.

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This blog was re-posted with permission from DrQuickLook, Inc.


QuickLook, Inc was founded by Robert Clark, DDS, a dentist with more than 30 years of experience and Vincent Primerano a former hearing specialist, inventor and business owner.  Dr. Clark invented DrQuickLook to help provide dental practices with an affordable alternative to traditional intraoral cameras.

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