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Accusations Against Two Dentists Leads to Suspended Licenses and More

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The Connecticut State Dental Commission has suspended a dentist?s license after a patient died while in his care. The dentist extracted 20 teeth from a patient, which resulted in the patient becoming unresponsive. 

According to the article, ?the state alleges the dentist failed to respond appropriately when the woman's oxygen levels dropped, and improperly attempted to extract the teeth in a single visit.?

This is not the first time that the dentist?s practice has come under scrutiny. According to the New York Daily News, ?He was sued for malpractice by a former employee in 2009 after he performed ?shoddy? dental work. The former employee won nearly $500,000 from a jury in 2011, but the ruling was appealed and eventually ended with an out-of-court settlement.?

The dentist has 2 practices, 1 in Enfield, CT, and the other in Torrington, CT.

A Howell, NJ, dentist also finds himself awaiting a trial for 7 counts of invasion of privacy after he was caught secretly recording patients using the bathroom for 7 months in 2013. 

The Freehold Township dentist was indicted on the 7 counts of invasion of privacy after an employee noticed the camera and called the police. The charges are third-degree crimes, which means he could face a maximum of 5 years on prison for each one but could receive probation if this is his first offense. His license is currently suspended.

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