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Actually, It IS Your Father’s Dentistry...

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Borden Airotor, 1958. Silk dental floss, 1905. Multi-tilt Morrison patient chair, 1868. Dentistry and its products and equipment have a colorful and fascinating history. Now you don’t have to go to Baltimore to visit the Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry to absorb the chronicle of the profession’s past.
The University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry just launched its Virtual Dental Museum where “visitors” can learn about and see images of dentistry through the ages…all from the comfort of a computer screen. With 5 top-header exhibits, you’ll have a blast checking out the Steele’s Bridge Repair Outfit (the improved version, of course), G.V. Black’s operatory, and Dr. E.C. Longnecker’s business card promoting his Buffalo, NY, dentist’s parlor.
The exhibits also are on display to the Dugoni community on digital kiosks located in the school building. The virtual exhibits are part of the ongoing Virtual Museum Project, which began in 2012 as a creative way to present the school's A.W. Ward Museum collection.
Viewers can browse through 5 exhibits:  Please Have A Seat: Evolution of the Dental Chair,  Dynamic Decade: Speeding Up the Handpiece, Painless Promises: Business Cards of the Victorian Dentist, Still Lives in Dentistry: The Artifacts, and There & Back Again: Our San Francisco Story.
The Virtual Dental Museum may very well replace Facebook or YouTube as your primary time suck!

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