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Ad for At-Home Dental Drill Highlights Netherlands? Lack of Dental Coverage

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The ad, already a YouTube hit with over 200,000 views, shows a mother caring for her daughter?s aching tooth by filling a cavity at home on the couch with at-home supplies. Narrated with a deadpan delivery, the ad encourages viewers to buy the DentiDrill at-home cavity care system to start saving money on health care.

An article on explains the DentiDrill ad?s origin, ?Many people in Netherlands are uninsured and are not able to afford proper dental care, but regular checkups are extremely recommend by ixorg. Dutch insurance company ixorg created this fake campaign to highlight the rising costs of dental insurance, and show people the unrealistic option of DIY dentistry.?

Dutch insurance company ixorg takes the joke well beyond the boundaries of typical public policy debate by keeping the premise running with a product webpage featuring fake user testimonials, FAQs and more. It is a bold move though, and seems to be getting a share amount of press around the issue of underinsured dental patients.

What do you think of this satirical ad campaign? Is it a good device for attracting attention to serious issues of dental care availability, or a silly distraction?

Watch the video here.

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