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ADA Launches Symptom Checker App

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To use the ADA Dental Symptom Checker, patients enter their age, gender, and symptoms, such as pain or discharge. Using checkboxes, users can select symptoms as well pain levels. Once all symptoms are checked off, the ADA Dental Symptom Checker shows various conditions that may apply to the symptoms.


"The Symptom Checker is not meant to diagnose or replace the role of the dentist. In fact, many of the conditions emphasize the importance of seeing a dentist or physician," the ADA website states.

The ADA created the ADA Dental Symptom Checker with the help of an ADA member dentist and 4 ADA councils. It is available on and on mobile devices through iTunes and Google Play.

Monica Barudin is an Assistant Editor for Dental Product Shopper and Hygiene Product Shopper.

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