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Atmospheric Plasma Could Prevent Cancerous Tumors

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oral and neck cancer awareness

The research was formulated as the committee looked into ion beam cancer therapy. Though not necessarily constructed for dental practices, the application could transfer over to many different forms of medical practices to eradicate the tumors. 


?This approach, they hope, could ultimately lead to devising alternative tools for cancer therapy as well as applications in hospital hygiene, dental care, skin diseases, antifungal care, chronic wounds and cosmetics treatments,? the article stated.


The team is looking into the damage to an individuals DNA as a result of the non-thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet.


?The addition of another gas is expected to increase the level of radical species, such as reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species, known to produce severe DNA damage. These could, ultimately, help to destroy cancerous tumour cells.?


With successful trials, oral cancer and tumors, paired with early detection, might hopefully become a thing of the past. With April being the time designated to bring awareness to oral cancer, no time like the present for this group of individuals to uncover a revolutionary product that could eliminate the second leading cause of death in the United States. 

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