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Bacon Floss, Wasabi Toothpaste, Onion Ring Mints, and Other Peculiar Products

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Accoutrements LLC markets bacon flavored dental floss and toothpicks along with other unique flavors, sold through its retail division,  Encourage patients to improve their dental hygiene while enjoying the mouth-watering flavor of crispy fried bacon. And be sure to check out Accoutrements? other yummy floss flavors like cupcake and breakfast floss, a unique mix of coffee, waffle and bacon flavors.  bacon floss

Want to try other bizarre flavors? Check out these one-of-a-kind products.

· Onion ring flavored mints - how can that even be called a mint?! 

· Crest?s Be line of toothpastes with impressive names like mint chocolate trek, lime spearmint zest and vanilla mint spark 

· Black licorice flavored toothpaste from Marvis 

· Wasabi toothpaste - now that may be a little much!

· Dill pickle flavored gumballs

Do you know of any other unique flavored dental product offerings? If so, tell us on our Facebook page to get the comments going!

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