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Be Nice to the Neighbors

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Now you might wonder what the fuss is about but my reading tells me that dentists nick the neighboring tooth more often than not, with some studies showing damage in more than 90% of cases. And if that?s a virgin tooth, why wouldn?t you take a simple step to prevent that damage?
It doesn?t matter whether you?re preparing a Class II or a Class III cavity, or prepping the tooth for a veneer or crown, WedgeGuard will do the job. Better still, after cavity prep the guard may be detached while the wedge stays between the teeth ? in effect it becomes a Wave-Wedge ? ready for the insertion of a standard matrix band beside it. Alternatively you may remove the WedgeGuard entirely and place a new wedge. Leaving the wedge there will save time and money ? and you can even leave it there during cementation of crowns and onlays, where it will significantly reduce the amount of interdental composite, and so reduce finishing time.

Simon McDonald, BDS, is the founder and CEO of Triodent in New Zealand. To find out more about WedgeGuard, go to or call 800.811.3949.

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