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Can Your Patients Really Not Afford Your Care?

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Many dentists and their staff believe the patients. However, if you are interested in helping the patient get financing for any major work they may need, most patients are definitely able to afford your best care.

What?s True and False?Paying for dental care

If you automatically believe that money is the issue for a patient declining care, it can create issues with recommendations you make to other patients as well. If the patients don?t believe the treatment is necessary, they will believe they don?t need to afford it.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at a patient?s ability to pay for dental care:
    ?    95% of your patients have at least 1 cell phone.
    ?    95% of your patients with children have at least 2 cell phones (1 for a parent and 1 for a child).
    ?    95% of your patients with children have at least 3 cell phones (2 for the parents and at least 1 for a child).
    ?    Children as young as 12 to 13 years old have their own cell phones (if you don?t believe us, check your waiting room periodically).
    ?    The average family spends $350 to $450 a month between their cell phone services and TV subscriptions.

Keeping these things in mind, do you know what the average payment is for a $4000 quadrant of your best crown, bridge, or dental implant work when financed over 60 months? Less than $75 a month.

You don?t want your staff to bring up these types of things to your patients and risk alienating them. However, everyone in your office will definitely want to keep them in mind when recommending treatments. Making patients aware that a treatment is ?necessary? rather than ?optional? will work toward their improved oral health and keeping them as patients in the long term.

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