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CanalPro, Meet the Apex

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It’s always fascinated me how you dentists do what you do in the dark, tight area of the mouth. One way you’ve overcome some obstacles is by working with manufacturers to figure out how to see what you can’t see. I often hear stories about how dentists have brought a problem (and sometimes a solution) to a manufacturer and thus is born a new material or technology.

For example, it can be really difficult to determine the length and shape of a root canal, and if you don’t get it right you can encounter some pretty significant problems.

Enter electronic apex locators, specifically CanalPro from Coltene. It’s incredibly user friendly (check out the photo of the user interface) and accurate. The Virtual Apex Function allows you to mark a predetermined position at the required distance from the apex, which gives you a clear visual and audio indication that the file tip has reached the selected site.

This is the kind of technology that makes life better for everyone…you and your patients.

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