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CEREC 27 and a half was pure, unadulterated edutainment!

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I'm not usually a fan of those lame made-up hybrid words, but edutainment seems perfect to describe CEREC 27-and-a-half, the 3-day happening that I was lucky enough to attend in Las Vegas last week. A good portion of the activities centered around the debut of the Omnicam--which I'll go out on a limb to say was the loudest, brightest, smokiest, colorful dental product launch in the history of dental product launches. The Omnicam appears to have addressed any of the minor issues that CEREC users had with the Bluecam (which, by the way, will still be available for CEREC purchasers as a basic camera; Omnicam will be offered as the premium upgrade). Most notably, the Omnicam requires no powdering. And interestingly, as a lay person, I was surprised to see that this wasn't necessarily the most discussed Omnicam feature among CEREC docs. They were much more excited about the Omnicam's full-color captures that differentiate between hard tissue, soft-tissue, and restorative material. The images are super crisp and clear. Also, the compact head and handpiece-like grip improve maneuverability and access to hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. Lots more features you can investigate on your own........

Thanks to Lanmark 360, who worked closely with the Sirona folks planning many aspects of CEREC 27-and-a-half, for arranging interview panels who responded to questions from various dental media outlets. The panels rotated among Sirona representatives and an array of CEREC clinicians. I was so grateful to share a desk with dental near-greatness: Sirona CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors Jost Fischer, CERECDOCTORS.COM co-founder and all-around CEREC evangelist Dr. Sameer Puri, and CEO of Spear Education and Scottsdale Center for Dentistry Imtiaz Manji along with the effervescent Michael McCarthy, managing partner of Lanmark 360 at the moderator's mike. 

After my request for a phone book to sit on and some make-up were denied, the cameras rolled. And here's the result.

Just wanted to also mention, that in my 30+ years in dentistry, I have never seen a more enthusiastic, like-minded, mutually respectful, eager-to-learn, happy bunch than the CEREC community clinicians and team members who came to Vegas for this unique event.

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