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Children Could be Bullied Because of Teeth

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The study involved 470 girls and 450 boys in 6th grade, who were enrolled at 12 randomly selected schools in Amman. Almost 50% of the participants (55% of boys and 40% of girls) reported having been bullied in the past months, and in the study, the children identified the reasons they were bullied, and when it came to teeth, the reasons were pretty specific:

  • 21.5% of the children reported being bullied for spaces between teeth or missing teeth
  • 20.6% reported bullying based on the shape or color of their teeth
  • 19.6% reported bulling because of prominent anterior teeth

This is the first study that has found that teeth were the most frequently targeted physical feature, compared to weight and height in the past. According to the researchers, ?The difference in findings might be explained by the fact that dental esthetics have become a key factor in social attractiveness in our modern society.?


For dentists and orthodontists, new research may find what treatments reduce bullying. Until then, make sure you?re equipped to treat younger patients with the best dental products on the market.

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