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Class is Now in Session: My First Dental School Experience

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Mini Dental School

Oh, and did I mention I performed a root canal?

Don?t worry, my patient didn?t feel a thing.

Mini Dental School

Mini Dental School was designed specifically for professionals in dental-related fields who want to learn more about procedures, terminology, products, and the latest developments in digital technology.

I enjoyed informational classes such as ?Language of Dentistry? (our Dentistry 101 class), but my favorite part of Mini Dental School was the hands-on experiences I had in the simulated dental office. Working on plastic dummies, I filled a cavity, created dental impressions, and as a grand finale, performed a root canal. I also prepared and printed my first dental x-ray, where I instantly saw my work completed...smudge-free! Our professor beamed with pride.

While I am knowledgeable about dental products and equipment, this experience was useful because I was able to use the same products that dental professionals use every day. Using impressions, handpieces, and infection control products such as masks and gloves was really a powerful learning experience.

Mini Dental School

I graduated with a certificate in dentistry today, but sorry, my appointment book is filled indefinitely.

Check back next week when I share some new statistics about dentistry, recent dental school graduates, and the startling trends about owning a dental practice.

Monica Barudin is an Assistant Editor for Dental Product Shopper and Hygiene Product Shopper.

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