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A growing source of data on many e-commerce sites is the user-generated review. Research on how much credibility people give these reviews is startling?one study found that the amount of trust people put in them is second only to a recommendation they receive from someone they know.1 Another survey found that 99% of online consumers found these reviews to be credible.2 So it seems that in addition to clinical data, many customers look to reports of other users? up-close-and-personal experiences with products.  

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2. ?Credibility of Consumer-Generated Online Reviews according to US Internet Users, August-September 2007.? Deloitte & Touche, October 1, 2007.


This blog was re-posted with permission from 3M ESPE Dental Insights.

Keith Haig, Director of Marketing and Professional Relations for 3M ESPE, is the voice of 3M ESPE Dental Insights, a new blog in which he examines trends and news in the dental industry, as well as shares the opinions he has developed from his unique perspective.

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