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In-between these 2 meetings, I attended the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) meeting in Grapevine, TX, which was more my comfort zone. During the AACD meeting, I presented for Heraeus-Kulzer on their Venus whitening and direct composite materials, and attended a fantastic presentation given by a friend, Dr. Douglas Terry, on direct composite resin restorations using Discus Dental's new Nuance composite material. What I enjoyed so much about Dr. Terry's presentation was his passion and his caring for the attendees. It was so much more than a presentation on composite restorations, it was about artistry and infectious passion to create exquisite direct restorations; I attended and I learned.

I'd be curious to have you reply back about what you'd like to see in a continuing education course and whether your learning interests today have changed, perhaps because of the economy. Wayne Gretzky once said that he doesn't skate to the puck, but he skates to where it will be. Are you doing the same with your continuing education? Are you planning to learn things that your patients will be concerned with in the future besides what they are asking you for today? I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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