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Cool New Toys at the ADA

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First stop this morning was the DentalEZ booth, where they had their new Osprey air compressor on display. One of the standout features according to DentalEZ is the ability to provide clean, dry, oil-free air while still producing more peak airflow than any compressor on the market. With high quality air at a maximum pressure of 115 psi, the Osprey compressor operates at 100% duty cycle during peak operation times. 

Next up was CareCS 8100stream who had a bunch of new stuff to show off, chiefly the new CS 8100 and CS 9300 Select. I was shown how the 8100's unique 2D+ Imaging feature enables practitioners to create slices at regular intervals along the jaw to focus on one area of interest and visualize more details than standard 2D images reveal. I also saw the Logicon Caries Detector Software in action, which helps docs zero in on potential caries and other trouble areas. They also had CS SoftDent v15.0 with a brand new Scheduler, as well as CS PracticeWorks v7.5.

There's tons of stuff to see at this year's ADA, and it looks like this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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