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Cotton Candy Originally Invented by Dentist

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According to an article from Gizmodo, James Morrison and John Wharton were the ones to create the first cotton candy spinning machine, then known as ?fairy floss.? Morrison, was a dentist, and later the President of the Tennessee State Dental Association. 

In 1897, the pair created the electric candy machine, the early predecessor of the modern day cotton candy machine. A centrifuge forced sugar and air through tiny holes, creating the thin strands necessary to compile the sugary treat. Now known as the Electric Candy Company, the team found roaring success at the 1904 World?s Fair, selling more than 68,000 boxes at .25 cents a piece, grossing more than $17,000 (or the equivalent of $438,000 today, after adjusting for inflation). 

After the teams patent expired around 1921, it wouldn?t be until Gold Medal Products took over the process of cotton candy manufacturing that the process became more streamlined and efficient. Using spring-loaded bases, Gold Medal Products spun and packaged their way a better product.

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