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Curve Hero Captures Panorex Live Online

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This morning we captured our first panoramic image using Curve Hero's imaging features. The image (see blog) was captured using a Planmeca ProOne unit using a TWAIN driver (I took this photo using my iPhone). The panoramic unit took about 8 seconds to scan, and then after that the image appeared on screen in about 5 to 6 more seconds. So, the image was captured directly to the Curve servers and then bounced back to the computer we were working on in less than 15 seconds. There are 2 clinicians at this practice and they were both impressed with the speed and were of the opinion that the image quality was not a factor (they didn't notice anything different about image quality).

We also captured intraoral images this morning without a hiccup, using a USB intraoral camera that the practice purchased from eBay. We also captured PA's using a Suni sensor. If you stop and think about what we just did?capture images directly to the cloud?it's pretty awesome.

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Martin Jablow, DMD, practices general dentistry in Woodbridge, NJ. He enjoys promoting the use of technology in the dental office to improve efficiency and patient care. As a partner in Dental Technology Solutions, he lectures and writes articles on the use of technology to enhance the practice of dentistry.

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