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Day after Halloween is Perfect for ‘National Brush Day’

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Encourage your patients to brush especially carefully after indulging in extra candy this Halloween. The ADA reports that November 1st is National Brush Day, sponsored by the Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign, and stresses the importance of brushing for 2 minutes, twice a day, every day.  

Parents and families can participate in National Brush Day by sharing “brushing selfies” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@brush2min2x). Parents can also visit the campaign website at, where they can find 2-minute videos to watch with their children while brushing their teeth.

The campaign also offers a free mobile gaming app called Toothsavers that engages parents and their kids in a creative brushing challenge. The Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign is a national initiative launched by The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives  and the Ad Council.

For more fun while brushing your teeth, learn more about these ‘smart’ toothbrushes from Kolibree and Oral B.



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