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DENTAL COOL: Dick Van Dyke and Dental Implants

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According to the Huffington Post, last month, Van Dyke revealed he has been suffering from an undiagnosed neurological disorder for the past 7 years. He told his Twitter followers he experiences a pulsing-sensation in his head coupled with severe fatigue. He underwent tests to try to figure out the problem, including a CAT scan, MRI and spinal tap, but to no avail.

Last week, Van Dyke announced he might have found the cause of his mystery illness: dental implants.

"It seems that my titanium dental implants are the cause of my head pounding. Has anyone else experienced this?"

A study, published last year in the British Dental Journal reviewed 30 cases (35% male; 65% female) of implant-related implant-related inferior alveolar nerve injuries seen in a specialist nerve injury clinic.

The researchers found that this group of 30 patients experienced problems associated with dental implant surgery:
    ?    70% of the patients experienced problems during the procedure, such as severe bleeding and some form of pain during implant placement.
    ?    After surgery, more than half of patients suffered from constant pain and/or discomfort; 40% complained of numbness.
    ?    54% said kissing was reduced in pleasure.
    ?    46% said their speech was affected.
    ?    30% had problems with eating, drinking, and brushing teeth due to pain.
    ?    30% reported psychological problems; this included 4 patients who were diagnosed with depression and 2 with significant depression and suicidal thoughts.

Dr. Richard Lipscomb, Dental Product Shopper Editorial Advisory Board Member, says that Van Dyke's possible diagnosis must be more fully researched before passing any judgement:

"Before we get into past dental implant studies, and which dental implants are good/bad, can we stick to the basics of gathering and analyzing all the information about the condition and not blast out partial personal information to everyone to get their opinion? All medical and dental procedures, no matter how apparent the benefits may be, usually have a very small percentage of undesirable outcomes. Maybe, Mr. Van Dyke falls into that small percent. I think more information needs to be obtained before statements like, 'titanium dental implants cause head pounding,' go public."

Dr. Lipscomb added that, "Not mentioned in Mr. Van Dyke's statements were any reference that a medical or dental professional came to the conclusion that the implants were the cause, nor were any details regarding his past or present dental treatment (how many dental implants did he have, when did he get the dental implant, the location of the implants in his mouth, had he seen the provider who placed the implants since these symptoms started to occur and what did they recommend). 

"Now that it?s out there, 'It seems that my titanium dental implants are the cause of my head pounding,' will Mr. Van Dyke continue to update us all on the course of action he took to eliminate the symptoms?" asked Dr. Lipscomb.

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