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mom cure logoThis weekend, I'll be checking in on the Mission of Mercy Free Dental/Medical/Vision Clinic in northern Illinois. Co-sponsored by the Illinois State Dental Society Foundation and Cure Network, the two-day event plans on treating 2,000 adults and children who are uninsured, underinsured, or otherwise can't get needed treatment. The "free clinic" will be manned by more than 1,500 volunteers--including 223 general dentists, 24 pediatric dentists, 24 oral surgeons, 13 endodontists, 10 orthodontists, 95 dental hygienists, more than 250 dental assistants and 104 dental students. They'll provide basic services like cleanings, fillings, and extractions on a first-come, first-served basis. Pretty impressive.

I'll report back next week  with a follow-up and also let you know about other future and ongoing opportunities to get involved in.


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