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Dental Hygiene? There's an App for That

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The product review experts over at recently highlighted some of the best free dental hygiene apps on the market. Each of these are unique in their own right, and will help your patients smile a little brighter.

Among the apps reviewed were:

Brush DJ

Brush DJ is the perfect app for patients who are good about brushing their teeth regularly, but probably aren't brushing for long enough each time. This fun little app selects music from the user's library and plays a two minute segment, which is exactly the recommended time for brushing. Brush DJ also has programmable reminders for tasks like flossing, changing your toothbrush, or most importantly, making another appointment to see the dentist.

Cleaning Your Teeth

This app is an animated game simulating the best practices for cleaning each part of the mouth. With a primary focus on education, this app has 3D animations for proper brushing and flossing depending on which tooth you're working on, and whether the brusher is over or under 18.

Dental Symptom Checker

A Web-MD style symptom checker, this app educates users about any odd conditions or symptoms they may be experiencing. Sponsored by the American Dental Association, users can trust they're getting reliable information. Most importantly, this app also serves as a locator for dentists registered with the ADA, through the phone's GPS system.

Dental Expert

Dental Expert is similar to Dental Symptom Checker, but with far more advanced information for the serious scholar. With top questions and answers from world renowned experts, a myth busting section and dental hygiene tips, this app puts some serious brain power behind its operation.

With the right apps downloaded, there is no reason that your patients can transform their smartphone into a vital piece of dental equipment that will help them stay healthy and clean. What other apps do you think should be added to this list?

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