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Dental Implant Awareness Campaign Spearheaded By CI Dentistry

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It is estimated that around 3 million Americans have dental implants and 15 million have crown and bridge replacements inserted to make up for the lack of teeth. With teeth depleting and implant insertion rising, this form of dentistry has boomed, resulting in a projection of $5 billion by 2018. However, cosmetic and implant dentistry is difficult to find, with 10% of dentists in America offering the service. 

CI Dentistry is aiming to raise awareness of the issues in America, while also trying to drum up more clinicians to jump in line with the practice.

?CI Dentistry feels patients need options when it comes to replacing missing or failing teeth, with dental implants being one option. When one loses a tooth, their ability to chew reduces and other teeth may begin crowding or tipping. This leads to a whole new set of issues completed unrelated to those involving the loss of confidence and self esteem. Dental implants solve these issues and many others,? Dr. Celia Infante, spokesperson for CI Dentistry said.

?Speak to a dentist today to learn if dental implants are the right solution for any dental issues you are experiencing. Many find they benefit greatly from this option, yet each patient must undergo a complete dental and medical history before moving forward. This ensures the implants will provide the desired benefits without any major drawbacks,? Infante continued.

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