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Dental Is The Keyword In Mexico

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Los Algodones, a town right near the border of Yuma, Arizona features over 350 dentists practicing for the masses, all looking for major dental work without the hefty price tag.

One individual had 22 crowns, 4 root canals and sat in the dental chair for 9 straight hours in 1 day before heading back for a deep cleaning scaling and another set of crowns, according to the article. 

Why would someone put himself or herself through that? The answer lies in the price tag, which averages two-thirds less in Mexico then in the United States. "It's $50,000 up there, about $5,000 down here," the man said. 

Miguel Ibarreche runs Sani Dental Group, a clinic that features a diagnostic department. According to him, the slash in prices comes from inexpensive labor, real estate, a lack of high-priced malpractice insurance and considerably less student debt compared to their neighbors to the north. 

"When we go out of school, we have to pay the government, but we do it by one year of free service, and that's it," Ibarreche said.

Forget spring break on the beach, you could spend your next trip to Mexico in the dental chair. 

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