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Dental Practice or Tattoo Parlor?

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dental tattoos

Dental tattoos, or tat-teeth, are applied to crowns and are not necessarily a new trend, as it has been happening for nearly 20 years. However, its popularity is just gaining some ground within the past few weeks. Patients are able to decorate their crowns with images ranging from their favorite sports team to TV character and everything in-between.

According to the Daily Mail, a dental stain tattoo costs between $75 and $200 and is no more painful than having a more typical crown fitted. After an impression has been taken of the tooth, the tooth is then sent to the dental lab where the image is set onto the tooth in a burner at more than 200 degrees. The tattoos do not effect the integrity of the tooth and is does not rub off when eating or drinking. 

You can?t use regular artistic stains,? says Steven Canter, president of Suburban Dental Laboratory. ?Don?t forget, it?s going intraoral, so you have to be careful. All our ceramic stains are specially made,? and they?re made to last. ?The only way it comes off is if you take an abrasive tool with a wheel and grind away the tooth.?

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